Figure Fantasy: The popular ACGN title is preparing for global release

By , on November 1, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 8 months ago

Figure Fantasy is the latest 3D idle figuring mobile platform game launched by Komoe Technology Limited. In this game, players will transform into figurine masters and get to be a part of an excellent adventure in the small world. The RPG game Figure Fantasy was available before only in some selected regions in Southeast Asia. But, now it is getting worldwide launched and is available for pre-registration on Android devices.

Figure Fantasy gameplay experience and features

1. Experience a 3D Miniaturised story in the game

The Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology initiates every nook and cranny of the figurines with high accuracy, depicting their real-world material textures and light refractions perfectly, one of the main visual aspects.

2. Gather hundreds of figurines as you progress through the game

Additionally, players will have a chance to put an order to buy a Blind Box with a single tap, dismantle the paper box, and receive a surprise, Wishlist +200x Draw Option directional mode. In this way, the players will never miss out on grabbing their favorite figurines. There is also a classic customized display cabinet system/mechanism, molded to create a unique but private Otaku Zone: Space, sci-fi, middle ages castle, having a range of up to hundreds of themes for the player base to select from.

3. Performing strategic battles along with other players

Players can release their stakes on a 3×3 Grid system, where they can place positional covers, visual exclusive ultimate animations, and participate in combat strategy presented in a 3D form. They can even experiment with combinations of the five brands without any worries. They can also experiment on gameplay aspects of Defenders, Vanguards, Militarists, Helpers, and Specialists in their lineups.

4. Players will be able to enjoy a Simple Idle gameplay experience

Easily earn resources and items from the figurines where your resources will be packed when you wake up from your nap. Players can avoid tedious and hectic everyday tasks. Base levels can be done with a single tap, and their idle resources will not be halted or interrupted even when they are offline.

Pre-register for Figure Fantasy now

Figure Fantasy was only available in certain regions – Japan, China, and Taiwan countries in Southeast Asia. After its success in those regions, the game is now ready to get a worldwide launch and is also available for pre-registrations for Android and iOS devices.