BGMI to enforce strict measures against cheating with a permanent device ban

By , on December 26, 2021
Last modified 2 years, 6 months ago

We are very well aware that BGMI ( Battleground Mobile India) was recently released after a ban was imposed on some Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile. This ban was imposed primarily due to privacy concerns. While BGMI is an Indian version of the popular PUBG Mobile game which Krafton published, soon after the launch, BGMI started gaining popularity, but the expanding player base started to experience issues with it.

Gamers have been complaining of encountering hackers very often. This issue has concerned the BGMI players and the PUBG: New State players are experiencing the same despite various anti-check systems. But now the good news is that BGMI has introduced a new rule that if a player is found dipping into cheating within the game, his or her device will be permanently banned.

Uncontrolled situation post Patch 1.6

Post patch 1.6, the situations went uncontrollable, against expectations. Constant interruption by hackers between games disrupted the game's flow and spoiled the gaming experience of fans, content creators, and esports players. After constantly hearing from them, Krafton responded by bringing multiple sanctions against players, whether those who are using illegitimate software or other methods. Still, ultimately, that didn't work to the scale required.

Now Krafton is again moving to take action, but this time much more extreme: a permanent ban of the device. If a device is found using third-party software to take advantage of the game then it will, very simply, be completely blocked.

This step was also taken in the Tencent published global version of PUBG Mobile from December 24, in a massive move to eradicate the hackers. This technique will also check for users who were previously banned and match MAC/Identifiers to ensure that they can't simply create a new account to reenter the game.

How will this Banning of Accounts work?

As discussed earlier, this will be a permanent ban - a step towards 100% security. This ban can not be lifted in any case once imposed. Moreover, it is a zero tolerance policy and the detection is at play automatically from the launching of the app.

Additionally, the account can not be regained if the player wants to access different devices with normal working and no external files. Both device and logins will be banned.

Krafton has been very particular about the malicious activities going on in the game and has worked on it quite seriously. For now, how they will enforce this banning is unknown, but as per expectations, they could be using the IP address or device ID. Krafton seems to be serious about making the gaming experience a good one, and just recently it announced that it banned almost 99000 accounts in just six days. That's no small number, so hackers need to be worried about their continued tinkering,