PUBG Mobile x Spider-Man: No Way Home collaboration lets you become Spider Man

By , on December 27, 2021
Last modified 1 year, 10 months ago

PUBG Mobile have announced that they will partner with the superhero film Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was recently released. The confirmation came via their social media accounts earlier in the month. PUBG Mobile is known for its exclusive partnerships with major films and games, such as Godzilla versus Kong, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil, etc.

Alongside the new collaboration, the game will get a new in-game mode called Spider Mode. Players will obtain Spiderman's abilities and use them in the classic style in this mode. This mode will be included in the PUBG Mobile version 1.8 release. This tutorial will go through how to turn into Spider-Man in PUBG Mobile.

Spider Mode in PUBG Mobile

It will be a themed mode within the game, and players must choose to play in vintage form. In PUBG Mobile, this takes the place of the Mirror World mode. Players will witness Spiderman attempting to retain his equilibrium on the top of the plane in the 'plane route animation' at the start of a match.

On the map, players will see small shopping trolley emblems. Those logos are like loot vending machines where players may use golden coins to receive in-game things, including utilities, firearms, ammunition, and tactical gadgets. The location of these coins may be found on the map.

The main battle will occur inside Mylta Power of Erangel's shattered nuclear reactors. This location's design won't change in any way but will now be occupied by an alien creature with a robot army that will wreak havoc in that area. Spider-Man will then arrive and defeat the creature. In this conflict, the players will just be spectators. They will, however, be able to shoot down the robots.

Spider-Man will use his webs to capture the creature after beating it. The player will then receive one or two glowing red crates. Players will receive much golden money and valuable prizes if they open it. In addition, they will receive two Spider tokens and web explosives.

In PUBG Mobile, how can you become Spider-Man?

While you can't become Spider-Man directly, web bombs will create spider webs, slowing both enemy and player mobility. This will be a fantastic addition to the battle. Players can get heroic abilities like Spider-Man by utilizing the Spider token. They will use Spider webs to scale towering buildings, and their movement speed will increase. It'll be fantastic for die-hard Spider-Man fans.