Genshin Impact 2.4 Update bringing two new characters and more releasing on January 5, 2021

By , on December 28, 2021
Last modified 1 year, 11 months ago

Hey players, how was your experience playing Genshin Impact? You loved it, right? And now it's time for the Genshin Impact version 2.4 update. Yes, the Global interactive entertainment developer and publisher miHOYO has recently announced the 2.4 update, Fleeting Colors in Flight. The updated version will be coming soon, on January 5.

There will be much more for you to do, such as the Lantern Rite - Liyue's biggest annual festival is going to be reorganized where announcements related to rich rewards will be made. Moreover, it will bring back the chance to get a free four-star Liyue character. Yes, the Jade Chamber also, which was destroyed in the past Archon Quest and unveiled Enkanomiya - the remains of an underwater nation that were sealed away for thousands of years beneath Inazuma.

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What are Fleeting Colors in Flight up to?

So, players, this updated version is majorly going to introduce the following things:

  • Lands of Enkanomiya
  • New characters
  • Bringing New Year Vibe

Unlike the other islands in Inazuma, this island is located under the ocean and floats. A long time ago, the ancestors of the people of Watatsumi island lived there. They left the ruins of the ancient civilizations almost older than any other relics found on that island. Players need to be aware as many enemies are waiting in the unknown newly introduced areas. Among these dangerous enemies are the Bathysmal Vishaps, who live in the dark waters of Enkanomiya. These Vishaps are clever social predators who hunt together and take advantage of their surroundings in combat.

Other enemies are from the Abyss. The Abyss Hector: Fathomless Flames can unleash Pyro attacks that delay bursts of damage, regardless of it the characters are shielded or not.

The update will also introduce two polearm characters who can provide support to the team. These characters will be introduced to make the game much more challenging. Their names are Shenhe and Yun Jin. Shenhe is a five-star character who will possess the power of Cryo. But there is a disadvantage too. The Cryo damage will also rise dealt by teammates of the same. Similarly, on the other hand, Yun Jin is a four-star character that possesses GeoVision and holds the power to buff teammates' normal attacks based on her defense and variety of Visions on the player's party.

Shenhe owns elemental skill as elemental burst damage, whereas Yun Jin, an opera master, has opera performances voiced by Peking Opera Artist. Her daily life dialogue is the work of the voice actors in different languages.

Thirdly, the 2.4 updated version will offer its new year. Yes, the world of Tryvat will have its new year where LiyeHarbor will come back with games, vendors, stalls, variety of festivals to celebrate the Lantern Rites. Moreover, the game also offers the features to pitch in to help Ningguang and the local people reconstruct the Jade Chamber.

The 2.4 updated version ois going live worldwide on January 5, 2022, for both Android and iOS users offering the chance to obtain rich rewards such as ten intertwined Fates, a chance to get one among eight free four-star Liyue characters. You can also get Ningguang's new outfit Opulent Splendor which will be on sale for a limited time at a discount.

Additionally, players can even recruit Xiao, Ganyu, and Zhongli in event wishes when the 2.4 updated version comes.