Tower of Fantasy found stealing App Store reviews from Genshin Impact

By , on December 29, 2021
Last modified 1 year, 11 months ago

The gaming industry is growing and with that growth comes increased competition. Keeping that in mind, the Tower of Fantasy, a well-known rival of the blockbuster Genshin Impact, has made the headlines once again. But sadly, the news is not for good reason.

Rather than giving a fight through hard work, Tower of Fantasy seems to be taking shortcuts for success and has resorted to stealing. The controversy accuses Tower of Fantasy of stealing the assets from miHOYO's other game Honkai Impact in their PV. This has hit the reputation hard already, and once again, Tower of Fantasy seems to be manipulating App Store reviews for its benefit.

Tower of Fantasy found stealing says Reddit

The controversy began a few days back, some users observed a drastic change in the rating. Moreover, Reddit claims that this happened very quickly, which is not possible in the case of a random review bombing. When something was wrong, the investigation went deeper. The conclusion was that similar reviews were given to Tower of Fantasy that were copy-pasted from Genshin Impact after making a few minor changes. It was also noted that the reviews ended with commas (",") instead of a full stop (.) which hints towards the work of bots. The Redditor u/15shsl posted some images from the Sensor Tower as proof.

Why is Tower of Fantasy falling to this level?

ToF has received a major backlash from the community due to the game-breaking bugs.  As a result, the ToF faced review bombing on the major App Stores.  The SSR bug is one issue, but there are some others too. Indefinite maintenance was one that was not fixed, creating a discrepancy in the gaming experience for players.

There is no response from the game developers as per the last time where they made an apology for using Honkai's assets.

The Tower of Fantasy is really in a questionable situation, and as per the Sensor Tower, they are not in good condition. No longer in a race to compete with the hit Genshin Impact, but instead, they are on the verge of constant backlash from the community.