New Update is a giant leap for Infinite Lagrange

By , on January 20, 2022
Last modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago

NetEase Games is scheduled to release a sizable update today for its space sim “Infinite Lagrange”, a strategy game with a massive world set in the endless abyss of space.

The gameplay consists of building up massive customisable fleets and sending them out to mine resources for further growth, trade with various settlements, explore the vast reaches of space or join a player alliance and engage in massive PvP battles to expand your team's territory and destroy your enemies

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This new update looks to add further storylines for you to explore along with three new key features to introduce more gameplay opportunities for players,

The “Data Rescue” addition is based on finding caches of planet experimental data that have been lost to time in old abandoned experimental centres. Players will be tasked to go out and locate these caches and bring them back to base, with a ranking system based on which alliance obtains and returns the most data.

Players can choose to take the data directly to the “Stargate” or store it in an outpost to be automatically transferred at a later time, however, if this outpost is taken over by another alliance all data will be lost

A new “Space Warping Vibration” phenomenon will cause various stars in space to emit blasts of radiation that can reach the edges of the universe. Any ship or buildings that are not stationed in the safe zones at the time will take massive damage from the blasts, so alliances will need to act fast and fight over these safe zones in order to avoid danger

A new PvE element will also be added, allowing plays to go searching areas that have been affected by Stellar storms to find ruins to explore and loot. However, these areas will be guarded by NPCs so you will need to equip your fleet well enough to get past the defenders and claim the rewards before anyone else

“Infinite Lagrange” is out now on the App Store and Google Play