Japanese superhero icon joins Puzzle & Dragons

By , on April 11, 2022
Last modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago

One of Japan's biggest superheroes, Ultraman, joins the lineup of Puzzle and Dragons. Until April 24th players of the massively popular puzzler will have the opportunity to partake in Ultraman themed events and recruit the hero themselves.

For those unaware of the character, Ultraman is a superhero character created in the late 1960s by visual artist Tohl Narita, producer Kazuho Mitsuta, and the legendary Eiji Tsuburaya, the prolific special effects directors credited with popularising the “Tokusatsu” effects style, in films such as Godzilla. Ultraman has remained incredibly popular in Asia since conception, with references regularly popping up in Japanese media.

Players that log in during the event will receive one free pull from the Ultraman Memorial Egg Machine, with more being available to earn from fighting in the Special Dungeons. Characters available to pull include Ultraman, Ultrseven, Ultrman Taro, Zetton, Gomora and King Joe, with further characters being event-exlusive to unlock.

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The update brings with it three dungeons - Ultrman, Ultraman Challenge! And Ultraman (Fixed Team). The Ultraman sets players to fight through a standard themed dungeon in order to obtain Ultraman Event Medals, which can be used to exchange event-exclusive monsters at the Monster Ecchange, such as Pigmon. Ultraman Challenge! is a dungeon with multiple floors in a gauntlet type affair, with each floor containing special rewards as well of a pull from the Ultraman Egg Machine. Finally, the Ultraman (Fixed Team) is a dungeon with a fixed team, appropriately, with the reward of another pull.

If the events do not offer enough pulls, there are a variety of special bundles that offer additional chances, as well as recharging the in-game currency, Magic Stones. For $0.99 there is one pull and 1 stone, $14.99 grants 15 stones and one pull from the Ultraseven Egg Machines, and finally for $19.99 players can get 20 stones and one pull for a guaranteed 6-7 Star character.

Puzzle and Dragons is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.