FarmVille 3 releases fully localized for Japan

By , on April 13, 2022
Last modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Japanese farming enthusiasts are in for a treat as FarmVille 3 has finally launched after being fully localized. After originally launching in most countries on November 4th 2021 more players can now embrace rural life with all the current and previously released content.

The game series is most likely known to the wider audience by its initial outing. When the first FarmVille was released on Facebook in 2009 it was instantly and widely embraced by users of the social platform, becoming the most popular game on the site and having references to it strewn everywhere in most forms of media. It allowed Facebook users to grow virtual crops and build digital farms whilst interacting with other players in real-time.

FarmVille 3 tasks players to try to create the most successful and expansive farm they can. On top of growing crops, there are all the species of animals you would expect on a farm, ranging from chickens to sheep to pigs. Each breed provides specific food goods that can be used to sell, trade or complete side orders. There is even the opportunity to breed animals in an attempt to obtain new, rare breeds such as the Blue Peacock or American Guinea Hog.

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Maintaining a huge farm is a big task for anyone, so luckily there are a variety of farmhands that can be hired to help with the job. These helpers can be hired and provide their own special skills which become more efficient as they level up. They can help by tending to the animals, fishing or even chopping down trees. Each of these has its own unique personality that brings the game to life.

The president of Publishing for Zunga, Bernard Kim, celebrated the launch saying “With millions of global downloads since its worldwide launch, FarmVille 3 will delight new players in Japan with the same fun and excitement that fans around the world have come to enjoy”

“We’re excited to welcome a new global audience to experience raising lovable animals in their own farm in one of Zynga’s most iconic franchises.”

Farmville 3 is available to download now on Google Play and the App Store.