Abandon Ship sails towards mobile

By , on April 13, 2022
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Hoist your sails and batten down the hatches as piracy docks on mobile with the upcoming release of Abandon Ship! After launching on PC in late 2019, the tactical sailing game will release for iOS and Android in June 2022 and offer gamers the opportunity to engage in dastardly piratical deeds on the move, without needing to go through the hassle of commandeering an actual boat.

Abandon Ship takes place during the Age of Sail, with players taking control of a ship and her crew. The story unfolds and reacts to whatever decisions are made, as the vast seas are explored. Enemy vessels and fortifications are rife and willing to engage in fierce tactical combat, with the weather and environmental conditions also affecting battles. Lightning strikes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and blizzards are just a few of the modifiers that will conspire to destroy ships. However, that does not have to end the story, as long as the captain survives the battle, there is always a chance to survive and continue the adventure.

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There are a variety of stories that can be selected to play from. The main campaign's tale follows the struggles of overthrowing a Cthulu-esque Cult, or a Freeplay mode sets players off to rebuild the legacy of their forebears in whatever way deemed fit. There are shorter stories too, such as Sword of the Cult, with the goal being to climb the ranks of the group until you gain control of the ultimate weapon of the seas; The Kraken, and who doesn't want to one day release the Kraken?

Abandon Ship was developed by Fireblade Studio, a remote-working indie micro-studio founded in 2016 by a group of industry veterans with decades of experience between them. The launch of their debut game, Abandon Ship on Steam, was met with massive approval and reached 4th on Steams Global Top Sellers chart the night it was released, and netted the studio a nomination for Best Micro Studio in the 2020 Develop Star Awards. The team is now hard at work on their next game, Sentry, an action tower defence game set aboard a spaceship fleeing Earth, which is a bit of a change from the high seas.

Abandon Ship is available for pre-register now on Google Play and the App Store.