Gridpop announces development of Isle of Arrows

By , on April 15, 2022
Last modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Daniel Lutz of Gridpop Games has announced the development of their new game, Isle of Arrows. Coming Summer 2022, Isle of Arrows is a tower defense game crossed with board game mechanics as well as puzzle elements.

Isle of Arrows is a tower defence game that has quite an interesting trick. Instead of playing on the same set map with waves getting progressively harder, Isle of Arrows map starts as one small island that then grows and expands. This change adds a nice new strategic slant to proceedings, as towers will need placing whilst considering their use as the land expands.

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The building is a tile format using cards, with the end of each round granting a new piece for the board. Players can see the current turns tile as well as the next turn, with an option to spend in-game coins to cycle the next tile out. This bit of foresight will help build a strategy by knowing what is coming next. There are a variety of tiles available with their own unique effects; Towers attack invaders, Flags extend the isle for more space, Taverns will buff adjacent towers and many more. On top of the tiles, there are also bonus cards with many effects such as granting coins or adding modifiers to towers to maximise damage.

Gridpop is a Montreal based one-man-band of industry veteran Daniel Lutz, a Swiss developer with over 12 years of experience. Lutz is probably best known for his work with Square Enix, where he was the Creative Director who oversaw the development of Hitman GO and Laura Croft GO. As well as this, he also has a number of solo games under his belt, such as Monospace, Colorbind and Folt.

Isle of Arrows has no concrete release date as of yet, but we know it's coming in Summer 2022 to Steam, the App Store and Google Play.