AFK Arena celebrates third anniversary

By , on April 18, 2022
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Arguably one of the most well-known mobile games and a mammoth of the idle genre, AFK Arena, is currently celebrating its third anniversary, and there is still time to reap the rewards. Developer Lilith Games has made the event one to remember, releasing new characters, giving out a heap of summons and even announcing a new animated series.

All players, either new or any of the existing 60 million already on board, can jump onto the game and receive 100 summon scrolls to start their army or bolster their ranks. As well as having the chance to summon any of the already jam-packed roster, there are also two new heroes to aim for. Audrae is part of the Celestial faction and is an agility-hero with strong DPS output and some devastating ranged attacks. Her ultimate skill is named Cosmic Shower and creates meteors that deal AOE damage and hamper the enemy's ability to heal. The second new hero is called Oku, who is a member of the infamous ban of fanatical Wilders, Thorned Vengeance, a group who have sworn to protect the forest by any means necessary.

As well as the new heroes, an old favourite is getting some new love. The Graveborn hero Baden has a new skin named “The Star of Rayne”, which decks him out in a white and blue, almost regal, suit. Whilst looking very fancy, Baden can use his “Phantom Assassin” ultimate ability to create a clone that shares his abilities but reduces his health and attack rating.

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Lilith Games has also announced a new media venture set in the world of AFK Arena, called “Just Esperia Things”. This new series follows the adventures of a group of AFK heroes including Rowan, Angelo, Belinda, and Niru, documenting their quirky escapes around Esperia, the world of AFK Arena, in an adventure that Lilith promises is full of thrills and intrigue.

AFK Arena is available to download for free now on the App Store and Google Play.