Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta Launches

By , on April 18, 2022
Last modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago

The closed Beta for the upcoming shared open-world RPG Tower of fantasy has launched for those lucky enough to win a place in the sign-ups. Along with the announcement, a few new details about the game have been released, as well as a trailer.

Beta Testers will be able to get the first worldwide look at the game that has already become a hit with players in China. It will be set hundreds of years in the future on a district planet called Aida, and Testers will be able to explore this new setting, as well as experience the thrilling combat and experience some of the compelling narrative.

The new trailer showcases the sci-fi anime world, which looks to be quite impressive and a lot more open than might be expected of mobile games, truly the “open-world” seems to have been embraced quite well. Images of vast sci-fi cities and endless valleys are shown, as well as some ruins and dungeons. There are numerous ways to explore these big areas, with gliders and water skimming looking to bring a lot of explorability to the world.

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On top of the new exciting look at the world and its very flashy and fast-paced combat systems, there has been some further background released for some of the main allies in the game. The senior Hykros executor Meryl excels at S-level missions using her impressive sword and combat skills, always adopting a cool approach to missions. Shiro is a nomad, wandering years to further humankind's understanding of the new world.

Samir is another executor, embracing a prankster personally and enjoying playing harmless tricks on everyone, but remains relatively well-liked. The super-strong Huma gained her strength from a rare disease and is under the medical care of Hykros. She is generally quiet and introverted, however when she puts her mind to something she can become incredibly powerful. Finally, Tsubasa is a complex character, skilled beyond her years and incredibly talkative and opportunistic, always ready to move on as she “just wants to be where it's buzzing”.

Tower of Fantasy is set to release in 2022, unfortunately, there is no more concrete date. Until then, follow the Facebook page for frequent updates on the project.