Nuverse launches first closed beta for upcoming survival game Project: Arrival

By , on April 25, 2022
Last modified 1 year, 1 month ago

The closed beta for developer Nuverses’ upcoming Sci-fi Survival game, Project: Arrival, has launched for selected regions on Android. Android users in the United Kingdom and Canada are able to sign up for the first beta test that runs until May 2nd.

Project: Arrival will take place in a devastated post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by an interstellar war brought about by an alien civilization. Taking the role of a war survivor, players must fight for their lives in the harsh environments, as they build homes for the survivors, collect pieces of the old civilization and fend off aliens and other mutant creatures using high-tech weapons. The gameplay will merge survival, exploration, action and crafting elements with a science-fiction setting.

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Whilst the gameplay sounds interesting in its own right, it is the player's companion that sounds incredibly fascinating. Nuverse has worked with NVIDIA AI and Omniverse to create Lydia, a GPU-powered intelligent, hyper-realistic digital human that will accompany and interact with the playable survivor, with the ability to respond to all manner of questions during the journey,

The producer of Project: Arrival, William, said “Thanks to NVIDIA’s tailor-made AI software solutions, we were able to set up a scalable pipeline for digital human creation and complete an end-to-end iteration of creating a high-quality digital human in a span of a few months.”

“This will allow us to speed up our development process while also offering a better core gaming experience. We’re excited to see how players react to Lydia in the future and to see how she develops over time, too.”

Whilst there is currently no approximate release date available, its confirmed Project: Arrival will be a free-to-play game that will be launched first on mobile devices. Those interested in the next beta tests or further info can follow the Facebook, YouTube or Discord pages for the game.