Bahamut SIN descends to terrorise players in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

By , on April 28, 2022
Last modified 1 year, 1 month ago

A new variant of Bahamut joins the battlefield to terrorise SOLDIER candidates in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Following in the footsteps of Bahamut and Bahamut Fury, it is now the turn of Bahamut SIN to descend from the sky and decimate many a foolhardy warrior.

For those who do not follow the franchise, or who may have forgotten the origins, Bahamut SIN debuted in the Final Fantasy VII sequel film Advent Children where he attacked the town of Edge until, spoiler alert, he was defeated by AVALANCE and dispatched of by Cloud and his Climhazzard Limit Break, which won the award for strangest Limit Break name.

Until 9th May, candidates can encounter Bahamut SIN during any standard matches. When they periodically descend to the battlefield, they are accompanied by a special event field, a big AoE dome that prevents players from damaging each other. When in the danger bubble the only enemy that matters is Bahamut, so rivals will need to put their animosity aside and work together to fell the great dragon, for rewards of Gil, rare weapons and more.

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Regardless of individual performance, all players can receive up to 10 free Shrina Pack Tickets based on the number of times Bahamut SIN is defeated during the event. As well as this, there are a total of 25 Special Shinra Pack Tickets available to earn throughout the event. The log in bonus rewards offer a total of 12 Tickets, as well as the Hologram: Bahamut SIN emote, Moogle Medals and more. There are also two levels of challenges to attempt for extra rewards. The regular SIN challenges reward Tickets based on total damage dealt to Bahamut SIN as a reward, however the EX SIN challenges require players to deal specific types of damage and even to defeat SIN to gain the well earnt rewards.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.