Ubisoft announce closed alpha dates for Rainbow Six Mobile

By , on April 27, 2022
Last modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Ubisoft has recently announced the Closed Alpha dates for upcoming shooter Rainbow Six Mobile. Designed as a free-to-play tactical first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Mobile will look to provide gamers on the go with all the acclaimed gameplay of the Rainbow Six titles.

The development of Rainbow Six Mobile is in the hands of a new and dedicated team at Ubisoft Montreal, which suggests that Ubisoft is throwing a lot of weight behind the mobile experience, hopefully with long-term updates and support. There will be some of the familiar maps to play on, such as Border and Bank, with a variety of gameplay modes to choose from.

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Facing off in 5v5 PvP matches, gamers will be able to enjoy fast-paced tactics through the use of inbuilt voice chat as well of the single-tap ping system, which sounds like a must-have for this type of shooter. The gameplay modes are as ambitious on mobile as they are on console. Attack vs Defence will still see attackers being able to deploy drones to gain intel, and breach their way through walls, floors and ceilings, whilst defenders can barricade entry points, place traps and use spy cameras.

When talking to Ubisoft News about whether this is a new game or essentially a port of Siege, Creative Direct, Justin Swan said “It's both, actually. First, it’s like the full-fat version of Rainbow Six Siege that everyone knows and loves – the Operators, their abilities. Not all the Operators that Siege now has in its roster, we’ll have more to share on the exact Operators closer to launch.

“The maps are roughly the same maps; there's a bit of destruction that's been changed, and other little things have been optimized for mobile – like removing ladders, because they don't really add that much to the mobile game; there are other ways to get to different spots, and they just add more complexity to navigation.”

Android users in the United States, Canada and Mexico can sign up on the website now to apply for the Closed Alpha, starting May 3rd.