Experience love in the Viking age with Doki Doki Rangarok

By , on May 5, 2022
Last modified 2 weeks ago

Arguably one of the most exciting ages in history is the Viking age with all the pillaging and sailing and whatnot, and now BrutalHack is taking gamers back to experience the more romantic side of violent warfare with Doki Doki Ragnarok. A dating sim for the Vikings within, it's time for players to find the Odin to their Frigga.

Doki Doki Ragnarok starts with the customization of the player Viking, familiarly named Eivor, who can be customized with preset looks, and also the sound of their grunt. After customising the grunt, players are released into the world to go and raid villages in countries such as England, France, Sweden and even Iceland.

Raids in the game are done differently compared to other Viking games. Instead of immediately kicking in doors and burning everything, players will raid the village by attempting to flirt with and date the village. By increasing the village's opinion of Eivor, they are able to collect hearts, which at the end of the date determines whether the village is besotted or if Eivor will be forced to retreat.

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Failure, however, is not the end, or any village or character encounter can be redone to experience alternative lines or to try unlock all the hidden achievements. As well as the enticing villages, there is a wide cast of characters to chat with including outraged peasants, smug rivals, adorable dogs, threatening goats and even the almighty Odin himself.

BrutalHack is a small indie game studio based out of Hamburg, founded in 2021 after around a decade of developing as a hobby. As well as founder and lead developer Benjamin Justice, the studio hires freelancers, or Brutal Helpers, for their projects, bringing in a fresh injection of talent for each game.

Doki Doki Ragnarok will be available to download from the App Store on June 1st for $3.99. There has been no release date announced for Google Play as of yet, so Android users will have to wait to experience love in the longboats.