Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier celebrates its half birthday through May

By , on May 11, 2022
Last modified 1 week, 1 day ago

As with most things in this crazy time-warped new world, the half-year anniversary for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier came around incredibly quickly, considering it is already on Season Two. To celebrate six months of uptime, Ateam Entertainment Inc and Square Enix Ltd have begun a Half Anniversary event that will run through May.

Littered throughout the battlefields are golden crates and patient moogles that will drop special medals that need to be deposited in the new Moogle Banks. This will lead to players completing challenges in the new event rewarding new skins, most of them shiny and gold. These include a gold skin for each weapon, as well as a golden skin for chocobos, which is a lot less effort for a golden chocobo than Final Fantasy 7s breeding system was, unfortunately without the secret summon at the end.

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A total of 100 Special Shinra Pack Tickets are up for grabs in this event, with 37 being gifted through simply logging in, with the other 63 having to be worked for. The challenges and login bonus finish on the 19th May, with tickets needing to be redeemed by the 20th.

On top of this anniversary, Ateam has announced an upcoming collaboration with the Japanese rock band Man With A Mission. A five piece band comprised of selfdubbed Ultimate Life Forms, which are human bodies with a wolves head, the band members will appear as themselves in the game during this event, with their specifically written new song, The Soldiers From the Start, serving as their battle music. Further details will be announced in a Japanese Language livestream on May 18th, with an English one following May 20th. This collaboration is timed to coincide with MWAM’s new album Break and Cross the Walls II, releasing May 25th.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is availbile to download free now on the App Store and Google Play.