Smash Legends unveils new mode, skins and character in May update

By , on May 12, 2022

PvP action game Smash Legends has received a bounty of content in a big May update. With a new Smash Pass, mode, skins and even a new character added, 5minlab has shown the independent studio is still fully invested in its highly rated game after the recent acquisition by South Korean gaming giants Krafton Inc.

For their 28th character, referred to as Legends in-game, 5minlab has taken inspiration from the Chinese legendary mythical figure Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King. This character may be more known to western audiences as the inspiration behind Goku in Dragon Ball, where the Power Pole and Nimbus were drawn from. Continuing the trend of creating unique interpretations of these figures, Smash Legends Wukong is social media star who utilizes his staff to pummel the opposition, all the while worrying about his viewer count. A far cry from the Journey to the West.

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Wukong can be obtained from the new second chapter of the Smash Pass, Read for the Beat. After buying the pass, players will need to get to stage 10, and then will be rewarded with the new character and can start practising with his Master of the Staff style. As well as this new character, some old favourites are receiving some of the limelight. Cindy, Nui and Snow have all received new skins in the Hellion theme. When equipped the characters will experience exclusive in-game effects and spotlight effects.

Last but by no means least, 5minlab has revealed a new gameplay mode, the Arena Lab. Functioning on a rotation structure, Arena Lab offers All or Nothing, Hide and Seek and Magic Fortune Cookie, a new mode that was created by the Escort mode with existing popular modes. Arena Lab is available to anyone who is Smash Level 7 and higher.

Smash Legends is available to download free now on the App Store and Google Play. As well as these updates, Smash Legends is rewarding anyone who joins the official discord with 5000 credits, so now is a good time to get involved.