Popular Steam point-and-click adventure Otaku’s Adventure receives mobile release

By , on May 19, 2022
Last modified 1 year ago

Sometimes what is needed after playing the latest big blockbuster is to curl up in bed with nonsensical palette cleanser, which Spaclight Studio and XD Inc are providing with their latest mobile release Otaku’s Adventure. First released on Steam back in 2019, wannabe otakus can now find their digital waifu on the go.

Otaku’s Adventure is a manga-styled point-and-click game that places the player in the shoes of a young lovelorn otaku, a term for someone who has a somewhat unhealthy interest in some “geeky” venture. Their boring life takes a sudden turn with the introduction of three mysterious girls; the rather bluntly named Waifu, an art student who harbours a dark secret, Gohard, a gamer girl that has a terrifying temper, and a witch who has an unpronounceable name that is stylized as (´・ω・'), which is somehow the least odd thing about this game.

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There are a total of 35+ endings for a story that unfolds in some pretty odd ways depending on the choices made. The routes that can be followed include being embroiled in a secret operation to save the world, a trip into space to escape from alien kidnappers, or an isekai (read; being transported to another world, generally via a portal) adventure to slay monsters. Throughout all this, there will be various gameplay elements to interact with, such as shooting mini-games, turn-based RPG battles and puzzles. Throughout all the adventure one of the main goals, however, is to try to find the Otaku some long sought after romance, as well as not falling prey to one of the many moves that can result in an early albeit humorous death.

Otaku’s Adventure is available to purchase on the App Store and TapTap. There is a discount in play until the 25th taking the price down to $1.99, after which the price will take a little hop up to $2.99.