Tiliting Point LLC announces participation in Green Game Jam with TerraGenesis: Space Settlers

By , on June 6, 2022
Last modified 1 year ago

Tilting Point LLC has announced that its hit planet terraforming simulator TerraGenesis: Space Settlers will be participating in the Green Game Jam to mark World Environment Day. Taking part alongside 40 other participating game studios, Tilting Point will reward players actions by planting trees in real-life, and will be adding a new limited-time event to raise awareness for the global food crisis.

TerraGenesis is a popular planet terraforming simulator based on real science from well-known space boffins at NASA, that tasks players with building and managing entire planets. From creating hospitable habitats for settlers, to melting ice caps to create oceans, and then monitoring said oceans so they don’t drown aforementioned settlers, the game really gets into the nitty-gritty of the god work that one would assume goes into creating planets.

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To support the green initiatives, TerraGenesis will be adding a permanent leaderboard that tracks how many trees have been planted per user as a direct result of their in-game actions. General gameplay such as simply logging in, watching adverts and completing missions result in a real forest being populated. In addition to this, a limited-time event set on earth will take place to highlight the global food crisis. As well as adding new biomass facilities such as Soil Farms, Coastal Habitions and the Rodale Insitute, who worked with Tilting Point to be accurately reflected in-game, players will need to combat obstacles such of deforestation, excessive meat production and food waste to successfully keep planet Earth ticking over.

The Green Game Jam is an initiative from the Playing for the Planet Alliance, a group backed by the United Nations Environment Programme launched in 2018 during that year's Climate Summit in New York. With a total reach of more than 1 billion players across the member companies, the group is attempting to combat a myriad of crises by integrating green activations in games, reducing their emissions and joining initiatives ranging from planting trees to reducing the plastic in their products. While most of the news we want to hear from companies is about the latest games and what have you, it is always nice to hear companies that are attempting to curb their impact on the planet.

TerraGenesis: Space Settlers is available to download free on the App Store and Google Play.