Ironhide Game Studio announces Iron Marines: Invasion, a new entry in the popular series

By , on June 7, 2022
Last modified 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Ironhide Game Studio has announced the newest upcoming instalment in its popular Iron Marines franchise, Iron Marines: Invasion. Whilst currently in pre-registration, Invasion will be a real-time strategy game pitting Federation squads against a fearsome array of deadly alien races.

Invasion places players in the shoes of the Iron Marine corps, a battle hardened group who are tasked with maintaining peace among the planets of the Federation. The Marines, along with their capable allies, explore many unique worlds and defend them against deadly alien foes. Squads are made up of a pool of 9 unit groups with 27 different troops between them that can be strategically combined for each fight and sent off into the RTS battlefield.

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The story plays out across approximately 30 campaign missions which take place on different worlds, each littered with its own unique terrain that will need to be mastered to gain strategic superiority. Alongside the campaign is 70 special operations to engage with and upgrade the Marines' abilities, including 9 powerful heroes that can be called upon to turn the tides of battle. These combat veterans can be aided with the use of many special weapons including bouncers, toxic bombs and drone factories to harass and destroy enemy armies. Outside of combat, there are 40 upgrades to choose from, which range from defense drones to napalm rockets and more.

Ironhide Game Studio is looking to expand its already successful repertoire of games, with the first Iron Marines reaping many awards, including topping the App Store’s paid app list, winning Google Play’s 2017 Android Excellence Award and netting the 2018 BIG Festival's Best Latin American Game to name but a few. All this gives Iron Marines: Invasion the pedigre and experience it needs to be an entertaining romp through the stars.

Iron Marines: Invasion is availible for pre-registration now on the App Store and Google Play.