NetEase Games preperes to showcase more of its New Weird survival game Once Human

By , on June 10, 2022

NetEase Games is set to release further details of its upcoming “new weird” survival game Once Human, which was revealed in the latest NetEase Connect. Players will be able to get a deeper glimpse into this fantastically ambitious game during IGN’s Summer of Gaming, including a new trailer, a developer interview and a look at some of the monsters and bosses that will be stalking the characters.

Once Human is set in a world that has been devastated by a catastrophe brought on by the opening of a mysterious silver door. Human civilization has been invaded by Stardust pollutants and horrific creatures, which have devastated the lands for the past 30 years until suddenly extraordinary people named “Beyonders” have awoken. These warriors must scavenge to gather resources to survive in this ravaged land, and fight to reclaim the world polluted by the Stardust piece by piece to bring civilization back from the brink.

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The Beyonders are tasked with building a base to protect the remnants of humanity and hunting down these dark monstrosities that have been suppressing the population for the last three decades. To do this they must explore the dark wilderness whilst scavenging what resources they can, all the while being hunted by monsters. Weapons, equipment and vehicles can be upgraded for a better chance of survival in the wastelands, however, the monsters are not the only threat, with players being able to cooperate in order to invade and loot fellow players strongholds to gather resources for their own bases.

Once Human will be available on Android, iOs and PC and has just finished its latest PC Techincal Test and Closed Beta on Android in preparation for its featuring in IGN’s Summer of Gaming, which begins on June 11th at 11:30 PDT, and any interested gamers can check out the event on the official website.