R2 Games announces launch of broswer based MMORPG World of Rune

By , on June 13, 2022
Last modified 3 weeks ago

When shopping for a new game value for money can be a big driving force when choosing what to try, and arguably one of the best genres for this is MMORPGs, which is what R2 Games is banking on with its new MMORPG World of Rune. With its browser-based hosting and its free price tag, if you look past all the cosmetic extra MMORPGs are jammed with, World of Rune is an enticing prospect to while away the hours with.

The player starts as a simple novice in the world but is soon presented with an option of the four staple classes; Swordsman, Mage, Archer or Cleric. While this threatens a dull experience with everyone playing the same, World of Rune does provide plenty of scope for customisation. To begin with, there is an equipable card system with over 100 cards in the game, each with its own stat buffs and abilities to master in-game. This provides plenty of opportunities to carve out a unique playstyle with its own strengths to conquer the toughest bosses and dungeons.

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While most games paint the protagonist as a one-man army capable of saving the world single-handedly whilst the other performs whatever emote or meme is in a fashion that month, R2 Games accepts that every hero needs a team. With a plethora of Partners to add to the battle formations, the hero is never alone. When adventuring through the land many partners will be collected with their own stats and skills to take into account when planning a party. There is even the opportunity to capture monsters in dungeons and raise them to help out in battles, and who doesn't love a fluffy war machine?

With a cutesy art style that brings to mind what would happen if a Chibi sprite had a growth spurt and a fairly simple environment, World of Rune does not tax the senses as some of the bigger blockbusters does, which makes for some nice relaxing gameplay. The myriad of monster and character designs are different enough to keep the looks interesting enough, but it is nice to have a game where the playing takes centre stage over tourism.

World of Rune is available to play on any browser and mobile device by visiting the official site.