Level Infinite announce upcoming sandbox Chimeraland game with a rather unique twist

By , on June 15, 2022
Last modified 11 months, 4 weeks ago

With the number of open-world games that have been released lately and the sandbox games, it is a bit difficult to come up with a unique selling point for a game like that to set it apart, however, Level Infinite seem to of hit upon a fairly interesting one in their free-to-play open-world sandbox adventure game Chimeraland.

Amongst the many of Chimeralands’ features, the spotlight falls mainly on the pet system. The land, sea and air of this 100 square KM prehistoric mythical world are packed full of fantastical creatures which can be captured and tamed. Once a beast has been successfully befriended, the game's evolution and devour mechanic comes into play. After defeating a rival Chimera, this pet can then eat them and graft one of their body parts onto them. Much like the Chimeras of legends with the lion head and snake tail, all manner of grotesque, and let's be honest, kind of cool, monsters to be made to adventure the wilds with.

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Whilst you would think a part bird, part fish, part bear monster wouldn’t need any backup in a fight, the player character can also enjoy a good scrap. With a lot of options for different looks, each character can come out with a pretty unique design, and charge right into battle alongside their somehow feathery and scaly companion. The weapon system features a bunch of different weapons that can be switched at will to cover any scenario which is a very, very good idea given there's no telling what type of hybrid will pop up next.

To celebrate the upcoming summer launch, Level Infinite have started a pre-registration campaign. All players who partake will be able to spin a wheel and receive one of a number of exclusive props to get a leg up when the game launches, with additional rewards at higher thresholds.

Chimeraland is available to pre-register on the App Store and Google Play. For any interested make sure to hop onto the official site to ensure you get the pre-reg goodies.