iOS beta testing has begun on Neteases Survival Shooter Lost Light

By , on June 22, 2022

The first round of the iOS TestFlight beta testing for upcoming survival shooter game Lost Light is underway and will run until July 4th. Gamers who live in the United States, Russia and Thailand will be able to apply to give NetEase's new game a go.

Already having undergone a global beta test on Android and PC, Lost Light reached the top 50 in Google Play’s Trending New Games ranking on multiple occasions, whilst more than 2 million users have had the chance to dive in and give the game a go. This is not that surprising, given every firearm has 12 or more modifiable parts with a bevvy of extra components, enough to whet the appetite of any shooter fan.

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Lost Light has been based around three core elements; survival, warfighting and progression, with a high risk, high return playstyle encouraged. Players are able to pick between two factions, the Firefly and the Marauder camps. The Firefly's truly embody the game's philosophy, being able to get rich in just one game but with the constant threat of losing all their gear if they die. The Marauders on the other hand are for the more casual player, with a random loadout being issued to them every time they enter the exclusion zone.

There will be many NPCs to encounter as the world is explored, with the option to follow leads provided to them in order to uncover the lore of the world, or simply adventure around building up their strength. There is the option to eschew violence altogether, by teaming up with others or commissioning a way to escape, or on the other hand, there is a ranked mode to instead beat the hell out of other players. The mode works through individual evacuation points. There is the option to escape via these points, clutching whatever valuables are found, or the chance to risk it all for the ultimate prize and keep fighting.

Lost Light can be pre-registered for on the official site, or anyone thinking to sign up for the betas can do so by filling in this form.