Yet Another Zombie Defense HD launches on iOS

By , on June 23, 2022
Last modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Awesome Games Studio has announced the arrival of its survival game, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, onto Apple devices after close to four years on PC and consoles. With the port releasing today, June 23rd for readers from the future, mobile gamers can now partake in one of the better-named games on the market.

The ending of Yet Another Zombie Defense is set in stone before the game begins, the player is not going to survive. Set in a world overtaken by a zombie apocalypse, the shambling harbingers of undeath advance every night until the inevitable end. However, that doesn’t mean the end must come quietly, with the aim of the game being to build up a base and fight through the increasingly difficult waves seeing just how many waves can be beaten.

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Operating on a day and night system the gameplay is split into two phases. During the day modification and additions can be made to the base in an attempt to slow down the hoard. Barricades can be added to hold back the zombies, traps can be added to surprise enemies, or turrets can be set up to mow down the invaders. On a more personal level, guns and ammo can also be brought to tackle the zombies head-on. After the set-up, night comes and brings with it the terror. Zombies approach from all sides and gradually become more numerous and stronger as the days pass, eventually overwhelming the base.

To assist in outlasting the hoard as much as possible, players can team up with a total of three other players, or see if the team can reach the top of the Leaderboards. With rankings for single or team attempts, there is plenty of opportunities to win glory. There are also multiple game modes to attempt; defense, endless or deathmatch.

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is available to buy now for $2.99 on the App Store.