Leading Virtual World game Rec Room celebrates it's sixth birthday this month

By , on June 25, 2022
Last modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago

One of the leading virtual world games, Rec Room, is celebrating six years of uptime this month. With a community of over 75 million lifetime users and missions of player-created rooms, Rec Room has firmly cemented itself as one of the best ways to while away the hours with some new virtual friends.

For anyone who hasn’t come across the game before, Rec Room is a virtual world in which players create avatars and then go world-hopping between near-infinite worlds with a bevvy of genres. With flavours such as First Person Shooters, sports, Pictionary, Battle Royales, and the ability for users to craft their own rooms, endless possibilities sum up the game pretty well.

It is easy to see why there are currently 29 million active players, with Rec Room being on Oculus, iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Steam and there are plans to add even more platforms. With a 640% year-on-year increase for mobile players, the popularity of the game does not seem to be slowing down as it passes its six-year mark. That's not to say the game is without its hiccups. Any game with a social aspect will always fall prey to those cretins called “trolls”, but the good seems to outweigh the bad.

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When reminiscing over the past half-decade of life, one of the co-founders and CEO of Rec Room, Nick Fajt, said “Over the past 6 years we've been continually surprised by the kindness, humor and creativity of our community. Rec Room has become an important way for millions of people to connect, learn, create and earn.”

“Since we founded the company back in 2016, we've been convinced that gaming and UGC would play an important role in the future of the internet and the way we all connect. Rec Room is still early in realizing that vision, but we're excited about where the community and the next 6 years will take us.”

To celebrate its birthday, Rec Room players can visit the new birthday room, complete with celebratory activities and new in-game items. Those creative types can have a go at creating their own Parade Float for the celebrations or instead can indulge their virtual sweet tooth with the new cake pops which are free for the month but will be available to buy from July onwards.

Rec Room is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.