T3 Arena launches latest update, introducing new character and new guild function

By , on July 8, 2022
Last modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago

It has been just over a month since XD Entertainment released its 3v3 shooter T3 Arena, and the early consensus seems quite promising, garnering near-universal acclaim. Looking to capitalize on the launch successes, XD has released the latest patch, which includes a whole new character and a bunch of quality of life improvements for players to really get the best out of the game.

When T3 Arena released, it seemed that XD Entertainment was really trying to push the team aspect of the game with their built-in voice chat. Most of these games only offer text or quick chat which isn't always accessible during combat, so having its own voice functionality was a big plus. Now, T3 Arena has introduced its Club System to the game, allowing players to join or create guilds to really get into the team spirit. Nothing builds friendships like shooting enemies repeatedly in the face, as a community.

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Besides the Club System, the other big thing to come out of this update is the brand new character, the Chemist. Whilst that title does conjure up the rather squishy image of someone running around in a white coat healing friends, the T3 Arena Chemist wields a grenade launcher instead, which is nice a change. With the nature of the job leaning obviously towards support, the Chemist can heal allies with health grenades, or use their ultimate to buff their team's attack, functioning at its best when they are behind a tank to draw the fire.

On top of these big updates, there are a few miscellaneous updates. There are new leaderboards, along with the ability to report negative players. New skins are also available, and four characters have unlocked a second ultimate ability to play with. Ossas can now place two teleport pads for his team to use to travel, Mark can limit enemies' vision, Skadi can cause enemies to lose control of their movements, and Diggy has a new AoE damage ability.

T3 Arena is available to download now on the App Store and TapTap.