EVE Echoes celebrates two years of taking mobile devices to the stars

By , on August 3, 2022
Last modified 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Space Based sandbox ship game EVE Echoes has officially kicked off its second anniversary celebrations today with a monumental update. With new events, new equipment system and even a new theme song, this is Echoes biggest expansion to date.

A potential new threat emerges from the shadows, with the long forgotten Sleepers rearing their ugly heads. An ancient race thoght to have been extinct thousands of years ago, the sleepers were in fact sowing the seeds for a universe wide assault. The Centrals, designed to support all of the Sleepers inside, have awoken, and are now calling for the New Eden, with its desire to last in the universe.

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A new challenge called Dormant Realm has also been released, where players will need to decide what fleet they wish to join and then work together with their new friends to take on powerful PvE bosses, who drop the new loot item, Implants. Coming from the mind of the Sleepers, the Implants are effectively organic USBs that carry memories, behaviours and methods of combat. With a total of 12 abilities, these items open up whole new routes to obtain more power to fend off the toughest enemies.

On August 19th EVE Echoes will host The Voyage Ceremony, a historical moment for New Eden to commemorate two years of playtime. Players can join a huge parade through the celebration venue, showing off their beloved ships. The Ceremony will be live streamed on YouTube for fans to view. Additionally, on the media front, a new theme song entitled “Beyond The Sky” has been released on all music platforms, and aims to commemorate the history of human creation of New Eden, and tell the story of the legends created in the stars.

EVE Echoes is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.