Night decends on KartRider Rush+ with new season Moonhill City

By , on September 7, 2022
Last modified 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Nexon Co has announced the latest season for its mobile racing game KartRider Rush+. Season 15 is titled Moonhill City and will introduce new karts, tracks and features for players to enjoy.

Season 15 will introduce new legendary karts Artemyzer, named after the Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis, and the Super Dao that will speed racers through the moonlit tracks of Moonhill City, and down the new themed tracks such as Moonshadow Tunnel. Players will be able to leave their karts and explore the nightlife exclusive to Moonhill City, before racing in the brilliantly named Porcelain Tea Karty or speeding down the streets on the Hyper Bike.

One of the biggest new features to hit the game is the new collaborative Ranked Squad Mode, giving players a chance to join together and take part in ruthless team-based races against other teams. This mode will divide participants into three teams; Village, Forest and Factory. When the event concludes on 6th November, everyone who took part will receive rewards according to their rank like Rank Guard Card, Free Promotion Race Pass and even limited-time legendary karts.

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A new event will allow players to collect tyre shards, which can be earnt by logging in from September 9th until September 25th. These shards can be exchanged for upgraded legendary karts such as Super Cotton, GEN2 and Scary Bear. In addition, Nexon will give away Star Kid Hair (Permanent) and Star Kid Outfit (Permanent) as part of the login rewards.

Unfortunately for marine fans, the Wave Breaker cart will be leaving the ChronoShop at the end of the season, so anyone on the fence with it will need to act soon. In addition, Nexon has announced the code swap shop is being prepared for launch, with new information being released shortly.

KartRider Rush+ is available now on the App Store and Google Play.