Help arrives for adventurers in Black Desert Mobile with new companions

By , on September 13, 2022
Last modified 1 year ago

The world of Black Desert Mobile can be a difficult one to survive in alone, so developer Pearl Abyss has sent in some help. With the new Fairies and Magical Creatures update, players can now recruit a new Fairy companion to assist in their adventures.

When first obtained, the Fairy is but a baby, so it would be reasonable to assume they are just a cosmetic item to look cute. However, this couldn't be further from the truth, as these new companions can be raised and bonded with, and in return, they will actively increase the player character's offense and defence stats. The higher the bond, the better the buffs.

Players will be able to build a Fairy House for their new winged friends to be raised in from infancy to adulthood. A powerful bond can be built by engaging in activities together such as chatting, dancing, singing and more, which will increase the Fairy’s skills. Depending on how they are interacted with, the Fairies appearance will change, and they will develop a unique personality.

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To get a chance to unlock these new companions, players will need to complete the Northeast Kamasylvia main quest Lemoria Guard Post Commander. This in turn will unlock the Fairy side story, which will reward the baby Fairy and the truly horrific title Fairy Very Adorbs, which no one is under any obligation to use.

To get a head start on Fairy rearing, Pearl Abyss is offering some Fairy events to earn rewards. The Fairy Premium Login Event starts today, September 13, and lasts until October 10. This will give players who log in daily items such as Black Pearl currency and the Adventurer’s Alchemy Growth Support Chest to boost character growth.

The Fairy’s Adventure event is a much shorter term one, only lasting until September 19. Anyone who logs in and defeats Monsters can collect Dice Pieces to use on the Fairy’s Adventurer Board, with prizes such as the Neruda Shen Ancient Secret Chest up for grabs.

Black Desert Mobile is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.