Road Redemption Mobile opens for pre-registration on Android and Apple devices

By , on September 19, 2022
Last modified 6 days, 12 hours ago

Back in the old Mega Drive days, or Sega Genesis depending on where you are, one of the most fun series was Road Rash, and now its spiritual successor Road Redemption is available for pre-registration on mobile with Road Redemption Mobile.

Road Redemption Mobile is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is ruled by a dictator, a person who also owns the country’s richest weapons cartel. After the Dictator is suddenly assassinated, a 15 million dollar bounty is placed on the assassin’s head, prompting the bikers of the country to set out on a bloody tour to claim the prize.

Beyond world-building, the story doesn’t come up much, as the whole point of the game is to speed around on a bike and whack other racers until they get out of the way or fall over. It is this whole mechanic that makes Road Redemption a roguelike game. Opponents also want the bounty, and also engage in a high-speed game of Whac-a- mole. Players will get got eventually, and when they do the experience gained on the road can be spent on upgrading bikes, weapons and the character to more easily survive the perilous roads.

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It isn’t all brawling with other riders, as players will also be able to brawl with non-riders by completing assassinations, robberies and other challenges mid-race. This money can be spent on boosts and benefits when needed, giving a bit of strategic thinking to this apocalyptic hellscape of leather and bikes.

Developers Pixel Dash Studios have announced that the app will be free from micro-transactions and ads. When first starting the game players will be able to undertake a “first-time free” race, but will then need to pay a one-off fee to unlock the full game.

Road Redemption Mobile is available to pre-register for now on the App Store and Google Play.