Legendary Star Studio debuts new gameplay video for MMORPG shooter Ashfall

By , on September 21, 2022
Last modified 4 days, 9 hours ago

Legendary Star Studio has had a busy social calendar recently, touring upcoming shooter MMORPG Ashfall at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, and more recently debuting a gameplay video during its IGN Showcase livestream to give gamers a first look at the exciting prospect.

Ashfall is set in the ever-popular post-apocalyptic world which has been devastated by nuclear war, however, it was not at the hands of man. The war was orchestrated by a vast artificial intelligence network that decided humans were a blight on the earth and attempted to wipe out all non-robotic life. They ultimately failed, and the survivors began to create a new civilization.

This is where the player picks up the story, as one of the survivors striving to survive. The goal of the game is to restore humanity and reclaim the wasteland, nothing too arduous. When undertaking this task the Wanderer, as they are dubbed, will face raiders, mutated creatures and their pesky machines determined to finish what they started.

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Ashfall contains a bounty of options for creating a player's Wanderer and offers a wide range of builds to tailor to any play style. By using the same type of weapon for a long period of time the familiarity of that class will increase, resulting in improved accuracy and stats. As a third-person shooter, cover also plays an important role, and the game offers both solo and multiplayer options to assist in combating the elite enemies that roam the wasteland.

On top of the gameplay, Ashfall seems set to offer a treat for the eyes and ears as well. The new trailer offers a look at some wonderfully developed characters and backgrounds amidst all the bullets. Legendary Star Studios have also recruited the likes of Inon Zur, Steve Mazzaro and Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer to work on the music. With titles like Gladiator, Fallout: New Vegas and No Time to Die in the team's catalogue, Ashfall may be one of the best-sounding games developed in a while.

Ashfall has no concrete date yet but will be launching in 2023 for PC and mobile.