UNO! Mobile and Google Meet team up to deliver seamless calls and gameplay

By , on November 4, 2022
Last modified 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Mattel163 has partnered up with Google to enhance user experience across both brands. They also unveiled a new feature for the UNO! Mobile App and Google Meet. This new update will make it much easier to play UNO! in the communal fashion the original creator intended.

One of the best parts of UNO! was always the schadenfreude gained by busting out a +4 on an unsuspecting victim, and now, with the help of Google Meet, mobile UNO-ers can experience this all over again. The new feature will allow those in a Google Meet video meeting to use the live-sharing function to play UNO! together on Android. Sadly Apple is not compatible for obvious reasons.

When using Google Meet on a device with Android 8.0 Oreo or above, users can navigate to the Activities tag within the Meet app, and launch UNO! Mobile. Players in the meeting will then be brought into their own UNO! Mobile room, and be able to modify a private game, all the while being to chat and laugh together. The lobby can hold up to 24 users in Room Mode, so plenty of people can join in the fun.

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A feature like this will be a welcome addition to the UNO! Mobile experience. As fun as the game is, it did miss that community feeling only being able to communicate using quick chat and emote. Being able to seemingly play whilst in a video chat will bring back the instant chaos that made the UNO! card game so undeniably fun. It can also be a fun icebreaker for companies or the quickest way to get fired. The game is ruthless, after all.

UNO Mobile! Is available to download from the App Store and Google Play. However, as stated earlier only Android users will be able to access this new feature through Google Meet, also available to download from Google Play.