Wreckfests’ mobile release brings demolition driving glory to any location

By , on November 17, 2022
Last modified 6 months, 2 weeks ago

HandyGames have officially released the mobile port of the demolition racing game Wreckfest. Whilst standard racing games are very fun and the thrill of speeding around corners never wears off, throwing in the ability to smash your opponent to bits takes it to another level of childish glee.

Wreckfest is a destruction-derby racing-style game that has been sorely missing from the market since the likes of the 90s Destruction Derby series. There are multiple racing types to engage with such as standard tarmac ovals to get the best speed, rally-eske offroad tracks to whip out the drifts, and the good old-fashioned demolition bowls.

Whilst the racing aspect of the game is incredibly good and realistic, the handling is especially a plus point, the main draw will be the ability to smash opponents right out of the park. This is an encouraging activity, as all races have bonus objectives to complete, and a lot of them revolve around activities such as spinning opponents and even having to crash them into walls and barriers.

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Given the arcade feel of races, the level of customisation that can happen to cars is pretty impressive. One of the more noteworthy and unexpected additions is the ability to fine-tune certain aspects of the car, such as Suspension, Gear Ratio and Differential. This affects acceleration speed, handling, and even the braking balance to make it easier to drift. The depth is quite impressive, and it's commendable that original devs THQ put in the effort to make a good racing game and didn’t just phone it in with “smashy smashy cars”.

Wreckfest is available to buy from the App Store and Google Play for $9.99, with the release just slightly lagging behind on the Galaxy Store. There are also a few in-game purchases available such as DLC packs that feature unique vehicles, but you can win just as well with standard cars.