Lionel Messi finally enters the battlefield in PUBG Mobile along with a plethora of themed items

By , on November 24, 2022
Last modified 3 days, 16 hours ago

After a lot of teasing and waiting, we are finally getting some proper Lionel Messi-themed content for PUBG Mobile. After giving the battlefield its football transformation, and giving the players the greatest mount interaction in gaming, Messi has now entered the game with a plethora of items.

There is a massive amount of items available to collect to emulate the great man himself, including Messi-inspired costumes. Other items included are covers, backpacks, helmets, a Messi pan, grenades and customised versions of many guns including the Mini14, MK47 and PP-19 Bizon.

Not content with just one set of items, the Messi Super Legend items can also be collected, which includes a set, hat, mask and parachute. Finally, the Messi Collaboration items also have a set, a plane finish and even a hoverboard. If you still haven’t had enough of the Messi gear, you can still get the PUBG Mobile x Lionel Messi collaboration Jersey by simply logging in before December 18th.

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Upon the reveal, football legend Messi said “It’s so exciting to see PUBG MOBILE reveal the items we’ve been working on together, I can’t wait to see players using our amazing new outfits. It’s been a great experience working with PUBG MOBILE, and I’m really proud of the work this partnership has achieved - I’m looking forward to getting on the battlefield and using these items myself!”

In addition, the Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing, Vincent Wang, said “Messi has been a pleasure to collaborate with, and it’s an honour to be able to immortalise him in PUBG MOBILE. This is a huge moment for PUBG MOBILE players and football fans alike, and I hope everyone enjoys unleashing their power with these truly special in-game items.”.

PUBG Mobile is available to download now from Google Play and the App Store.