Celebrate New Year from the comfort of your own home in Play Together

By , on December 29, 2022
Last modified 3 months ago

For those who want to ring in the New Year with other people without having to be near said people or having to leave the cosiness of their homes, Haegin has everyone covered with their new update for the casual social network game Play Together.

To celebrate the traditional ringing in the new and seeing off the old, Kaia Island will be loading up on the fireworks and setting off a huge display on the beach to both thank the Haegin player base, and say hello to 2023. It is a perfect place to gather with all your friends, and maybe even make some new ones for the new year.

Outside of the beach parties, there is still plenty to do on Kaia Island. The NPC Haru will be setting up their shop in Plaza and will be stocked with some special New Year-themed items. There are also some special events being prepared for all to partake in, including the New Year Alphabet Hunt, where you will need to collect alphabet-shaped balloons across the island.

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There is also still time to take part in the special Ice Kingdom event at the Camping Ground. Three NPCs will be chilling, offering all players some special missions to complete in exchange for some special prizes. You can also explore the frozen lake to collect Snowflake Boxes to amass Snowflake Coins, which can be spent on even more exciting items.

If you aren’t feeling up to trudging across the snow-covered island, you can always visit Mr Slide for a chance to ride the Skeleton to get around much faster, which is both an odd yet undeniably amusing image, Reindeers are too obvious. Finally, visit the Concert Hall to kick back and relax with the Lalala Music Festival, for some musical fun and rewards just for attending.

Play Together is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.