Albion Online announces launch of brand new server for it’s eastern playerbase

By , on January 24, 2023
Last modified 1 week, 2 days ago

If you have been playing Albion Online in the east and dealing with some horrible ping and lag causing you some frustrating lag then Sandbox Interactive have you covered with the launch of a brand new server coming soon.

This new server will be covering the Asia-Pacific region and is called, rather appropriately, Albion East. It will be entering closed beta in February which any interested player can get involved in by purchasing one of the Founder Packs. You will get early access to the game, the chance to nab that perfect name as well as a Beta Guild Season which will give players a bunch of boosts like 200% resources from gathering and fishing, and 200% Silver from mobs.

Something else enticing about this new server, and not just for those in the eastern regions, is the opportunity to play on fresh, all-new instances of the game. With the existing server, it can be hard to break into the player-driven economy with all the niches being filled by established players, so a whole new start does sound like a very enticing prospect.

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As mentioned earlier, Albion East will make it easier for players in the Asia-Pacific region to fully enjoy the game, and not just because of the massive reduction in ping. All of the game and server events have been optimized to fit better around eastern time zones. That means all territory battles, Faction Warefare, Crystal League and even the games maintenance will be set during civilized hours, instead of the middle of the night as the Western server currently has it.

If you are looking to take part in the early access content, launching February 20th, you will need to purchase one of the Founder Packs, ranging from $29.95 up to $199.95, with the server launching fully on March 20th for both the Android and iOS versions.