King of Fighters ALLSTAR introduces two powerful new fighters to the ring

By , on January 27, 2023
Last modified 10 months, 1 week ago

As the battles continue to rage, two new fighters heed the call of King of Fighters ALLSTAR. Players will be able to recruit these two powerful new allies, as well as acquire their Special Cards and take part in some limited-time events.

The first fighter to enter the ring is XV Iori, a Red Attack-type character that will fit in well with an Extreme team thanks to a leader skill that increases their ATK and Critical DMG. His active skill grants strong charging capability, whilst his special skill increases his allies' Attack. This setup could make for the basis of a high attacking team, provided you can weather the counterattack.

Our second option comes in the form of XV Shun’ei, the Green element Balance type that also errs on the offensive side. His leader skill increases Green fighter’s ATK and Critical DMG, so unfortunately they won’t synergise the best with Iori. He also has the ability to decrease Active Skill Cooldown for a period of high burst damage, whilst also decreasing enemy DEF when landing a Basic Attack for even more damage.

With the new characters, come new Special Cards, granting them some special skills to boost their effectiveness. The XV Iori Special Card will increase Critical DMG for a time after using a skill, just in case you needed some more offensive from him, whilst Shun’eis’ card increases ATK Speed, perfect for that well-timed burst window you can set up.

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If you manage to obtain one or both of these characters, you will be able to take part in a special Challenge Dungeon, Sonata of Fate and Envy. Completing each stage will offer rewards such as Even Dice, BS/SS Fighter Memory Random Box and more. If you find this a bit too difficult, the EX Event Codex will help you power up your new fighters with missions rewarding you the Prime Memory shards for Iroi and Shun’ei.

The new Rush dungeon, I’m a Producer? follows the story of Hotaru and Shun’ei as they strive to be the best musician. Each stage will progress in difficulty but will give you the chance to earn event coins that can be used to exchange for items at the limited-time event store.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.