Enjoy some quality time with your companions in Tears of Themis

By , on February 6, 2023
Last modified 4 months ago

It’s time to take a small break from investigations and set off on a vacation to beautiful surroundings in Tears of Themis. Spotlighting two of the game's lead characters, you will be taking in some stunning surroundings with one of them by your side for some slower-paced adventures.

The Cozy Couple’s Getaway 1 gives you the choice of spending some quality time with either Vyn or Marius, so presumably, there will be a second getaway for Artem and Luke. You will travel with your chosen companion to the beautiful southern country of Varnai and take a lovely scenic journey through the mountains and forests, but more importantly, get some nice R cards and event badges!

Accompanied by your trusty travel diary to fill out, you can travel to Crystal Island with Vyn or the beautiful Ganrye Mountains with Marius. At the start of the journey, you will be able to pick your preferred travel route and explore a myriad of scenic spots showing off some beautiful locales during the getaway. Each of these spots will also trigger a special voice message from your companion which is cool.

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Of course, it wouldn't be Themis without some suspicious goings on, so throughout your trip there will be some mysterious events that trigger at random through the getaway. If you manage to complete both of these Travel Routes you can reap a bounty of event rewards, such as the free Event R Cards; Vyn Bright Flame and Marius Flower Fragrance. You can also get yourself the shiny Full of Emotes Badge, some S-Chips, Event R Card Fragments and more.

Throughout this time, the Event Show of Themis will be available, giving an increased draw rate for two SSR cards for the featured leads. You can be Vyns’ Sunset-Dyed Sand and Marius’ Wishing Star. The new Cozy Couple’s Getaway Dynamic Invitations, Chasing the Waves for Vyn and Charming Mountain Encounter for Marius, are also available to purchase, and if you want them there will be a sale for the first 48 hours of the event so act fast.

Tears of Themis is available to download from the App Store and Google Play, with the Cozy Couple’s Getaway starting today.