Famous dining and entertainment experience Dave and Buster's opens it's door on Roblox

By , on February 8, 2023
Last modified 4 months ago

If you’ve played Roblox then you know that it lets you build pretty much anything you like, and now one of the world's most pre-eminent dining and entertaining establishments has entered the virtual world. Dave and Buster’s will be available for all players to get involved with and play some specially designed games for the location.

For those who haven’t visited one, because they don’t have the biggest reach outside the USA, Dave and Buster’s is a Texas-bred company who merge dining and entertainment in one convenient building. You can have a full meal watching sports on the big screens, and then move over to the arcade and place a few games. It sounds like a pretty good evening, which is now virtually available for all.

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Obviously, the main focus of the Roblox version of the Dave and Busters interpretation is the arcade aspects, and the developers have put in a lot of effort to make some of the more popular games a multiplayer experience. Whether you want to partake in Superball Dash and speed down a hill with little control or take on the Full Tilt obstacle course which is always a good laugh, you will have enough fun to think about booking a trip to the real place.

Chris Morris, CEO at Dave & Buster’s, said: “Dave & Buster’s is the pioneer in midway and arcade games. That creativity and innovative spirit continues to drive us to explore new ways to expand our leadership in interactive experiences for our guests. I am excited for Dave & Buster’s to enter this rapidly growing digital space with Dave & Buster’s World.”

If you want to try out the iconic chain and all the new minigames, or just take part in the limitless world of Roblox, download the game now from the App Store or Google Play.