Blue Archive begins wrapping up the Eden Treaty story in latest update

By , on February 16, 2023
Last modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago

The conclusion of Blue Archive’s Eden Treaty saga is fast approaching, with the release of this latest update. Players will be able to experience part two of this latest storyline, as well as have the chance to recruit a new powerful ally.

Carrying on the arc of Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods, part 2 will follow Saori and Arius Squad as they rush to the aid of Sensei and Atsuko. Unfortunately, Saori finds her plans of assistance foiled as she winds up face-to-face with Mika. To rescue her beloved squad, Saori must overcome her foe, as we learn more about the story of the duos intersecting lives.

Hailing from the Arius Squad, Saori is an Explosive-type Striker that you will have a chance to recruit under her special banner. With a skill set geared towards dealing massive amounts of critical damage, Saori will be an expert at single target takedowns, with her EX Skill being able to deal up to 1275% of her ATK has guaranteed Crit Damage. Add this to her sub-skill that increases her ATK based on the number of Arius Squad students she is teamed with, and Saori will be a fearsome unit in battle.

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Continuing the focus on the Arius school, Nexon has also released the Arius District Exploration Task 2 set of missions. By completing tasks such as collecting Growth Materials, conducting Lessons, and playing the Main Story, aka simply playing the game, players will collect Handmade Wreaths. If you amass 100 of these, then you will net yourself 1,200 Pyroxene.

If this wasn’t enough, the Triple Rewards Campaign for Missions and Commisions will be in effect until the 28th of February, and you can still benefit from the Schale’s Special Sweets Supply Event until the 20th, giving you 100 AP per day just for logging in.

To make the most of these events, make sure to download Blue Archive now from the App Store and Google Play.