A foul mystery descends on Teppen and it is up to the cast of Ace Attorney to solve it

By , on March 1, 2023
Last modified 1 month ago

A little mystery element tends to make most games a lot more intriguing, and with Ace Attorney joining the ranks of Teppen today, things are about to get a lot more interesting. Coming in alongside Hunting Ground, you can recruit some beloved characters from the series as you undertake the Turnabout Festival.

The blissful seaside resort of Hotel Ba-Kansu is about to get a little less so, as tragedy occurs to one of the VIPs. Imagawa Yoshimoto of the Sengoku BASARA finds his prized Dobermann has been infected by the T-virus, and anyone who remembers the original Resident Evil will know that is a very bad combination.

There are four suspects in this crime, and it is up to Apollo Justice to question them and determine who committed this heinous deed, all the while defending their client Trucy White, who has been accused by prosecutor Klavier Gavin. Far from just being a plot device, there is quite a bit of mechanics to this story angle.

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Cards will contain images with hints on what happened, which can be expanded to get the full detail. Evidence can be collected through specific Units and Action Cards, with the Present ability consuming all stacks to give additional effects to Action Cards. You can enjoy all this through the Turnabout Festival quest in the new Solo Mode, Adventure.

If you log in before April 27th you will be able to receive free Souls, Zenny, and more. You will also get 10 Tounabout Festival Packs to start putting together your own detective agency. To keep your mind honed to solve this mystery, you can take part in a quiz between March 15th and 24th. Correct answers will net you up to a further three-pack ticket.

To get started with this tantalizing puzzle, head to the App Store and Google Play now to download Teppen.