Last Cloudia announces its first collaboration with two other titles at once

By , on August 18, 2023
Last modified 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Over the past few years, AIDIS Inc has landed some pretty high-profile collaborations for their RPG Last Cloudia. With names like Persona, Attack on Titan, and Devil May Cry, the catalogue has been huge, but now the developers are teaming back up with one of the godfathers of games; Square Enix.

Taking place in the land of Granzeia, people live in harmony with magical beasts, hundreds of years after the God of Ruin was locked away. With reports of mysterious monsters starting to disturb the peace, Kyle and Rei, soldiers of the 12th division, embark on a quest to change the world. In a Last Cloudia first, there will be two concurrent collaborations with two huge series, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Star Ocean The Second Story R.

To celebrate this colossal collaboration, AIDIS will be holding a live stream on August 21st. During this, the developer will be announcing information about the units, the arcs of each title, and the event gameplay, along with the in-game and social media promotions.

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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth takes its source materials from one of the greatest places, Norse Mythology. A remaster of the original, the story follows the titular Lenneth, who has recently awoken and strikes out to recruit Einherjar to fight alongside Odin in order to defend Asgard against the Vanir and Ragnarok. The units that can be taken from this will be amazing.

Star Ocean The Second Story R is another remake, of the original Second Story. Claude C Kenni is a young officer in the Pangalactic Federation, who discovers a mystery mechanism during an investigation on Planet Milokeenia that teleports him to an unknown land after he touches it, because of course that happens. After saving a young girl named Rena Lanford, he is embroiled in a journey to save this world.

Last Cloudia is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play. In the leadup to the launch of this momentous event and a short time after, until August 24th, there will be a Collab Countdown Login Bonus for all players to grab a few free goodies.