New details emerge for Tower of Fantasy next major expansion

By , on August 30, 2023
Last modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have revealed a few new details for their next major expansion of Tower of Fantasy coming September 5th. The Dragon Grove will take players to a beautiful new map in the middle of Domain 9 and introduce a speedy new Simulacrum.

This new expansion will take you into the heart of Domain 9, to the new map of Joltville. Surrounded by valleys and mountains, Joltville is the administrative hub and tech research centre of Domain 9, and the epicentre of Quinlong’s Might, although you would be forgiven for not thinking that when you first lay eyes on its magnificent scenery.

The first thing you will notice about Joltville is the beautiful eastern-inspired scenery, mixed with a bit more modern technology. This idyllic location is not without its troubles though, as enemies such as Cursed Armour will give you a lot of trouble without their lack of apparent weaknesses. You will also find yourself coming across a new high-ranking Sarkness entity, Taotie.

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The latest Simulacrum to debut is Huang, also known as Madam Huang when she is serving as chief of the Azure Guards. She is the current head of Tianzhang Pavilion in Joltville, wielding absolute power which luckily she uses in her vendetta against all forms of injustice. As you can see by the trailer, though she may look innocent enough, she will stop at nothing to bring evildoers to justice.

If you are a fan of rapid attacks, and what looks like a pretty cool mix of wind and possibly some thunder, then Huang could be the character for you. She can be used at either close or long range to give you safety, and even if you got near an enemy let's face it, she is zipping around that battlefield so fast, nobody is going to touch her. Plus, she has a dragon and panda vibe, who doesn’t love that?

Tower of Fantasy is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.