Pokemon Go welcomes the Paldea Region in a historic first

By , on September 1, 2023
Last modified 1 month ago

In a first in its history, Pokemon Go will be adding characters from the current generation of mainline Pokemon games to its roster. Starting September 5th through September 10th, trainers will be able to get their hands on a select few monsters from generation 9; Scarlet and Violet.

This new Paladean Adventure wouldn’t be complete without the Gen 9 starters, and from September 5th you can add Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly to your team along with all of their evolutions. If you are wondering, it will take 25 and then 100 candies to evolve these, so you will need to get busy. Luckily, After the event ends on September 10th, they will be added to 5km eggs.

Strangely enough, these three are not being focused on in Paldean Adventure. Instead, the spotlight seems to be on our porcine friend, Lechonk mostly. If you are lucky, you may encounter a shiny Lechonk through Timed Research, wild encounters, and egg hatching. You might even come across a Showcase at select PokeStops, asking you to submit your chonkiest Lechonk.

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To possibly introduce those who may not have had a chance to play the mainline games to Paldea, Pokemon Go is running the Adventures Abound Special Research from September 5th to December 1st. This special branching story will give you the open to adventure with one of the Paldean starters, and possibly make a new friend.

Finally, if you are a fan of cowboy cheese string, then you won’t want to miss your chance to collect a hoard of Gimmighoul Coins. By spinning PokeStops you could be in with a chance of gaining coins, however, if you manage to encounter a stop that is under the effect of a Golden Lure Module, you just might be face to face with a Roaming Form Gimmighoul.

Pokemon Go can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.