Bikini Bottom is in crisis and it is up to you to build a way to freedom with SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam

By , on September 27, 2023
Last modified 2 months ago

No matter what age you are, cartoons will always be good for the soul, and one that truly bridges the age gap is Spongebob Squarepants because silly is always funny. Now, publishers Tilting Point and developer Whaleapp have put another feather in this series cap with their mobile builder, SpongBob Adventures: In a Jam.

Bikini Bottom is in crisis, as Plankton has gotten the whole quite literally in a jam, spreading the whole town in Jellyfish Jam during his latest attempt to pilfer the secret Krabby Patty Formula. It is now up to SpongeBob and Patrick to put their heads together and restore order to this sticky situation.

Luckily for, let’s face it, everyone involved, you will be able to recruit a host of familiar faces to help our two very hapless heroes as you strive to restore the town, with iconic characters such as Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Kevin C. Cucumber waiting to be found. You can even unlock pets to accompany you, such as Pete the Pet Rock and, of course, Gary. Do you need anyone else?

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Developed under the watchful eyes of Paramount Consumer Products, you will be able to venture to a range of popular and faithful locations from the show, with Jellyfish Fields, New Kelp City, and even the fabled city of Atlantis. You can even craft an array of recognisable items such as Krabby Patties and Jelly Jars.

This is not Tilting Point’s first brush with the legendary franchise, as their previous title, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off clocked in 2.2 million daily active users and over 50 million downloads. It was even awarded the Players’ Choice Award in the 2021 Mobile Games Awards. There is no reason to believe this outing will deliver any less nostalgic spongey goodness.

SpongeBob Adventures: In a Jam is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.