Dragongeir: Silent Gods begins a two-year collaboration with a titan of gaming entertainment

By , on November 1, 2023
Last modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago

It feels like Dungeons and Dragons hasn’t been more popular, thanks to the recent movie, ongoing web series from the likes of Smosh, Dimension 20, Critical Role, and, of course, Baldurs Gate 3, and now to carry on the hype for mobile players, Dragonheir: Silent Gods will be kicking off a collaboration with the tabletop giant from November 17th.

This isn’t just a one-way transaction mind. Drahonheir can easily stand on its own merits thanks to racking up over 5 million downloads since launch, and will no doubt be introducing a fair few folks to their first taste of tabletop action. There will be more than enough time for the two to grow together as well, as this collaboration is set to last two years.

Something particularly interesting in this crossover will definitely be the characters. This season will bring exclusive hero characters as well as co-op heroes to recruit, and it will be fun to see who they pick. Some of the most famous characters to choose from include the famed wizard Elminster or dual-wielding ranger Drizzt Do’Urden, two excellent picks from a universe of fantastical choices.

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Even more fun will be what new foes will await. Seeing a Beholder or a fearsome Owlbear pop up in Dranheir would be fairly fun. As you travel, you are bound to encounter a huge number of friends and foes, with the latter being prime fodder to try out your new combat strategies.

This season introduces brand new elemental combinations for heroes, such as ice and toxin, or ice and darkness. A very ice-themed introduction. If you wish to dabble in a bit of new frozen fun then luckily players will be able to freely re-distribute character attributes, so all your favourites can be remodelled.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.