Apple Arcade will welcome a brand new adventure for Segas iconic mascot in Sonic Dream Team

By , on November 2, 2023
Last modified 1 month ago

At the risk of upsetting the almighty gods of gaming, and probably 70% of readers, I have always preferred Sonic to Mario, so the recent resurgence of the speedy blue Sega mascot has been most welcome. Luckily for Apple users, the storied series will arrive on Apple Arcade on December 5th with Sonic Dream Team.

The malevolent Dr Eggman is up to his old tricks and has stumbled upon The Reverie, a mysterious device that has the power to manifest dreams in the real world. As can be expected, no one wants this, so it is up to Sonic and his marginally less rapid friends to navigate the twisted realities of Dr Eggman’s mind and end his plans for world domination.

You aren't locked into playing as the famous blue hedgehog, as there are six different characters to select from. Apart from the blue blur, you can also play as Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream, and Rogue. Each of these will slot into one of three movement types that will provide different exploration opportunities as you explore this dream hellscape.

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Dream Team will take you far away from the iconic Green Hill Zone, putting you through 12 stunning levels through four unique dream worlds to test your skills with mind-bending environments that include wall-running, gravity changes, and more. You will need to master each of these unique mechanics to tackle the four bosses in store.

Sonic Dream Team will be available to download from the Apple Arcade from December 5th. In order to play, you will of course need to subscribe to the Arcade for $4.99 a month, which will get you access to Sonic as well as over 200 other fun games. To keep you tided over until this release, you can tackle multiple other Sega games such as Sonic Racing and Sonic Dash+.