Seven Knights Idle Adventure introduces one of the Four Lords to its roster

By , on November 3, 2023
Last modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Netmarble has announced the release of a new legendary hero for Seven Knights Idle Adventure, who is sure to send a chill down the spine of any PS2-era hack-and-slash fans. Lu Bu has arrived, and will no doubt tear through the battlefield leaving many more players scared by his indomitable strength.

In the Seven Knights universe, Lu Bu is one of the Four Lords alongside Rin, Sun Wukong, and Ace. Known as the Invincible, he is in fact a Defensive hero, a surprise to any victims of his very attack-heavy Dynasty Warrior rampages. Living up to his lofty title, he looks to be a truly awesome character.

As a start, Lu Bu comes equipped with a debuff skill that lowers his foes' defenses, so your allies can dish out more damage. When he uses his skills, he will also whip out a wide-ranged attack for good measure. What makes him truly Invincible though is dealing critical hits. When he dishes one out, his HP gets restored, and his final DEF stat is increased, making him quite the fortress on the field.

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If you wish to make Lu Bu even more formidable, then make sure to check out the new Accessory system. Each hero will be slots for four accessories, each that powers up a specific stat. To power these up, head to the Boss Rush mode to collect Rainbow Ore, and take your team to new heights. Quite literally too, with the Infinite Tower increasing to 500 floors.

To celebrate all this new goodness there are two events taking place until November 15. The Rate Up Summon Event will increase your chances to summon Lu Bu, as well as Jave and Meg. If you need even more characters, then the Assembly of Knights Carnival Event has you covered. Collect Medel of Honors and you could trade them for Legendary Hero Misha, Unique Hero Hellenia, Aragon, and Chancellor.

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.